The tulips have come and are quickly going and will be gone by the end of the week May 15th

There will be tulip bouquets available for purchase at the Garden of Eve Market throughout the weekend while supplies last. 

We are sad to say the Tulip Festival scheduled 
for the 16th and 17th is canceled. 
Jeroen will lead a workshop on how to grow tulips hydroponically at 1pm on Saturday the 16th. You will be able to take home your own tulip bulb and watch it grow and bloom. 

This was our first year in New York and several factors contributed to the early closure of the u-pick organic tulip field.

1. Mother Nature did not work with us this year. We lost about 40% of our flowers to the harsh winter conditions and snow melt drowned some of them. Now with the high temps and lack of rainfall the tulips are  fading fast.

2. Mother's Day weekend was extremely popular for tulip picking. The Tulips we did have were beautiful and were happily picked.  

The Good News is we are better prepared for next year  having learned  a lot about the climate and we will plant more! 100,000 more in fact. We are pre-selling our fall  bulbs online at  if you would like some for your garden. They are currently 30% off and will be delivered to you in the fall. 

We hope you got a chance to see them and are sorry if you missed it. We look forward to your visit next year and will make this event bigger and better than ever.

Keriann & Jeroen Koeman

Courtesy of Lola and Sam Photography of Brooklyn, NY taken April 6th

        Update: The Tulip Festival moved to Riverhead, New York and will not be held in Virginia this year. See our events section for alternatives in Virginia.

Hello Long Island! Celebrate Spring among 30,000 organic tulips that you can pick and take home! This is the only organic u-pick tulip field in New York and the entire U.S!

Special weekend events include baby farm animals, Mother's Day brunch and of course an Organic Tulip Festival and gorgeous array of breathtaking tulips. We planted our bee friendly bulbs on a quarter acre field behind the Garden of Eve Market and designed a special display garden in the shape of a river complete with bridge, perfect for family photos.

Mother Nature will decide when and how long the tulips will bloom so be sure to check the "Bloom Reportor find us on facebook for updates before planning your trip. 

We will keep you updated here and on facebook

Jeroen & Keriann Koeman, EcoTulips Co-owners
EcoTulips Organic Tulip Festival 2013
"It's almost as big as me!"
 EcoTulips Organic Tulip Festival 2013
Organic Tulip Festival Show Garden 2013
Princess Irene & Negrita 

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"Stop and Smell the Tulips"
EcoTulips Organic Tulip Festival 2014

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Courtesy of Jen Fariello Photography
Happy Tuliping~Keriann & Jeroen Koeman