About us

EcoTulips LLC is a family owned business founded in 2009 by Jeroen and Keriann  Koeman who live their green lifestyle with their dog Sampson in Brightwood, Virginia. We are proud to announce that we are the only supplier of certified organic tulip bulbs in the US. You can find our bulbs online at www.ecotulips.com.  Check here to see a list of garden centers who carry EcoTulips. 

In addition to hosting our organic tulip festival, EcoTulips is offering organic flower bulbs as part of an Eco Friendly Fundraising program. This program has proven to be highly popular among schools, scouting organizations, service clubs, churches, and other non-profits. 

Why Organic Flowers?
Organic flower bulbs are grown without the use of pesticides. Organic Bulbs are stronger, brighter and last longer because they are grown as nature intended. Farmers, waterways, flora and fauna including the thousands of microorganisms in the soil are able to flourish creating a healthier ecosystem for us all. 
Bees & Bulbs
Have your heard about Colony Collapse Disorder? As explained in the documentary "Vanishing of the Bees" systemic insecticides called "Neonicotinoids" weaken bees immune systems, making populations susceptible to a number of diseases and bacteria. Systemic insecticides are widely used in conventional fruit, vegetables and flower farming. This is one of the reasons why we promote pesticide free organic flower bulbs. Organic bulbs create a healthy, insecticide-free pollen source from early to late spring. Early spring bulb flowers are critical as they are among the first pollen sources for honeybees, and that pollen is used to raise their brood. You can help the bees by planting crocus, tulips, daffodils and other spring flowers.