Bloom Report 2014

 Welcome to our 2014 Bloom Report where you can see 
just how the tulips are doing. 

April 22nd 2014

We checked the tulip fields over the Easter weekend hoping for for a glimpse of tulips to come but alas it was not meant to be.We found only ONE blooming tulip in the field and some beautiful daffodils but unfortunately that is not enough to open this year. We hope your tulips fared better than ours this year.  

There are two tulip events that you can visit if your in the Northern Virginia or Richmond Area and please tell them we sent you. Richmonders can visit Bright Hope Farm and Apiary while Northern Va folks can see them at Burnside Farms. 

April 16th 2014 
Despite the fact that our three dimensional fencing and deer repellent seem to be holding (the two dimensional fencing was a complete failure) we are not sure if we will have any survivors from all the deerstruction. Please check our calender on Facebook for alternative Easter and Tulip events in your area. We will update you again later next week. 

Many of you pre-order your fall bulbs at our festival so we are offering our special 40% festival discount online at We have aptly named it the "Tulip Deersaster Sale".....gotta keep a sense of humor. 

The beautiful species tulip on the left is Tarda and as you cam see the deer did not eat it although note the tulips around it were not as lucky. It has made it into the deer resistant hall of fame!

April 7th 2014 

With heavy hearts we must cancel the Festival and Eco-Easter Egg Hunt. The deer have eaten or destroyed 90% of our tulips. We hope that our late blooming varieties survived and if so will  open the fields for picking towards the end of April into May. We will keep you updated here and on facebook. As heartbroken as we are we know you are disappointed as well. Thank you for all  your support over the last five years. This is part of farming, mother nature can be harsh but when she smiles she smiles in flowers. Here's hoping for flowers at the end of the month.

P.S We know many of you pre-purchase your fall bulbs at the festival so we will offer our special discounted festival prices for a limited time (April 8th-May 10th) at

March 31st 2014: Festival Update:

They found us! We made it 5 years without a deer incident, that was until this year! The early winter and frigid temps have made the deer ravenous and desperate to find food. They decided our organic bulbs were not only healthy but delicious.

We are trying different options since our normal strategies are not working well and will be re-checking the tulip beds later this week to determine how much or how little were eaten. Cross your fingers and send us some tulip love.

March 10th 2014: Festival Update:

The extreme cold weather has certainly set spring back a bit. We had hoped to open the first weekend in April but it is looking like it will be closer to mid-April. A lot will depend on what happens in the next few weeks. If it warms up we could see blooms as early as the 2nd week in April. Cross your fingers and think warm thoughts. 

While you wait you can enjoy the pictures from last year 
and mark your calenders for our Easter Eggtravaganza Saturday April 19th!

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