Bloom Report 2015

May 14th
The u-pick field has faded and will close on Friday the 15th.
We have opened the no- picking garden for cutting and we are harvesting the remaining flowers for bouquets.  There will be tulip bouquets available for purchase at the Garden of Eve Market throughout the weekend while supplies last.

The Tulip Festival scheduled 
for the 16th and 17th is canceled.
( see explanation under the May 11th update) 

Jeroen will lead a workshop on how to grow tulips hydroponically at 1 pm on Saturday the 16th. You will be able to take home your own tulip bulb and watch it grow and bloom. 

May 11th
The tulips have come and are quickly going and will be gone by the end of the week May 15th. Join us early this week for final pictures and blooms. 

We are sad to say the Tulip Festival scheduled for the 16th and 17th is canceled. 

This was our first year in New York and several factors contributed to the early closure of the u-pick organic tulip field.

1. Mother Nature did not work with us this year. We lost about 40% of our flowers to the harsh winter conditions and heavy snow melt drowned some of them. Now with the high temps and lack of rainfall the tulips are fading fast.

2. Mother's Day weekend was extremely popular for tulip picking. The Tulips we did have were beautiful and were happily picked.  

The Good News is we are better prepared for next year  having learned  a lot about the climate and we will plant more! 100,000 more tulips in fact. If you would like tulips for your own garden we are pre-selling our fall  bulbs online at . They are currently 30% off and will be delivered to you in the fall you cna also find them at Marders Nursery in Bridgehampton, NY this fall.  

We hope you got a chance to see them and are sorry if you missed it. We look forward to your visit next year and will make this event bigger and better than ever.

Garden of Eve has other upcoming u-pick events such as strawberry and blackberry in addition to the Tomato, Garlic and Oktoberfest Festivals.  

See you next year,

Keriann & Jeroen Koeman

May 11th
It was a blooming successful Mother's Day Tulip Extravaganza weekend. Unfortunately it was such a success that there are hardly any tulips left! If you get out here early this week there are still some photo ops and tulips to be picked. There are a few late blooming french varieties that will be available this week but we don't expect much by the time the weekend hits. The u-pick field will be open this week for the final blooms with free entrance and there will be fun farm events this weekend, again with no entrance fee. Stay tuned for an updated schedule of events.  
After Mother's Day Weekend
Before Mother's Day Weekend

there are still a few late blooming varieties available

Photo op in  the no picking area

May 8th
This is it we are at Peak Bloom! The early flowers are fading the mid bloomers are perfect and the late bloomers are just starting to pop open. This will be the prettiest weekend for the u-pick field. 

Basket of Single Late French Tulips

Special Mothers Day Vases with tulips will be available for purchase. Lovingly made by Keriann

Caludia of Sam and Lola Photography worked her magic this week.
So beautiful and Lola was the perfect tulip princess.

May 7th
We had a special visitor today
Only in Long Island would there be a Ferrari in our tulip filed :) 

May 6th
Its a great time to visit! We will be at peak bloom this weekend and you can beat the crowds. 

Shira, our resident tulip smeller says that "Black Jack smells like grapes"

May 1st

Our U-pick tulip field opens this Saturday May 2nd! The tulips will be at almost 25% bloom with 4 varieties in bloom.  It is a great time to pick and beat the crowds. We did lose some tulips due to winter damage so the field is not looking as full as we had hoped. The flowers will still be beautiful but the field will not look like our pictures from past festivals in Virginia. This was a trial year so we are learning a lot about the Long Island climate. If all goes well we will plant 100,000 next year and it will look better than anything we have ever done!

Banja Luka
River of Flowers

April 28th

The tulips are finally beginning to bloom in our u-pick field in Riverhead, NY at Garden of Eve. The cold spring has delayed them and only 2% of the flowers are starting to bloom. Our special "River of Flowers" garden is looking spectacular and is ready for pictures if you want to stop by. The best time to visit will be Mothers day weekend and the week after leading up to the Tulip Festival on the 16th & 17th. Do check the bloom report for updates before making a long drive-mother nature is tricky.
U-pick field at 2% Bloom

The "River of Flowers" begins to take shape with the appearance of blue Muscari flanked
by Dutch Master Daffodils and a smattering of tulips and other spring flowers. 
"River of Flowers" is ready for pictures

April 9th: Still cold here in Riverhead, NY, but the tulips are growing quickly!

March 24th: First brave tulips in our U-pick field are coming up!

November 2014: Planting organic tulips in Riverhead, NY at Garden of Eve Farm & Market

The Main Field

Keriann planting the special show garden

While you wait you can enjoy the pictures from last year 
and mark your calenders, we expect peak bloom the 2nd and third weekend of May! (If Mother Nature works with us we are open from May 2nd until May 24th)

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