Canceled: see the Bloom Report for details

We have so many wonderful vendors and exhibitors joining us this year who will be providing local and organic food options. 

Check our schedule of events to see when each vendor will be at the festival.

DuCard Winery: DuCard will be pouring here at the festival every weekend. DuCard uses solar panels that generate the full amount of electricity they need for heating, cooling and lighting in their tasting room and did I mention their wine is excellent! My favorite spring time wine is the Rose. 
Greenies: Has a creative vegetarian, sometimes vegan and occasionally gluten free menu. You can find Greenies at the Charlottesville City Market serving fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. On the menu now: the famous Root Veggie Sandwich and the-reduce-your-carbon-footprint Vegan BBQ served on a bun or over greens.
Babes in the Wood: Committed to creating the best quality rare breed forest-fed pork. You can also find them at the Charlottesville Farmers Market  or order online. No artficial colorings,flavorings or preservatives and thier animals are treated humanely. Bill welcomes visitors out to his farm to see how his pigs are raised.

Mad Arts:Featuring Madison's Finest artisans who have been asked to create Tulip inspired gifts especially for the festival! They will also have local artists onsite to help budding or seasoned artists hone their skills painting tulips. Stop by the store more handmade gifts, books, music supplies and much more.
Bees 'n Blossoms: Honey and Honey Products. Scott and Sallie Mitchell are beekeepers committed to keeping bees in naturally supportive environments without the use of chemicals or antibiotics. Their bees gather flower and tree nectar's in Virginia's  meadows and fields, creating honey diverse in flavor and color. Some beehives may be placed near old fruit orchards and wild berry patches, others near stands of Linden trees,  deep in cotton fields or amidst fields of clover. Scott has kept bees for over 35 years, first as a fascinating hobby(for many years he was an industrial designer/draftsman). The more he learned about bees the more he needed to know and wanted to learn. Much reading, and many field trials later he decided to go into “partnership”, bringing the efforts of several thousand honeybees and two beekeepers to farmer’s markets to share with others. The result is best tasted to be understood. 

EcoTulips Dutch Coffee Shop is serving Shenandoah Joe coffee and homemade Stroopwafel

Support a good cause-EcoTulips will donate a  portion of the proceeds to the the Madison County Rescue Squad. If you've never tasted a Stroopwafel you are in for a serious treat!